Monday, December 3, 2007

jen o' cyde - the siege of gaza

"never again" "never again"'s a jewish mantra. but all it means is never will WE, the chosen ones, be slaughtered again. hamas, on the other hand...

"Annapolis is almost certainly doomed because it repeats the same failed incrementalist approach taken by previous peace initiatives, from Oslo to the defunct, now-revived "road map"; because its success depends on the destruction of Hamas; and because it utterly lacks U.S. engagement."

how is "destruction of hamas" not genocide?
"hamas" can now literally be translated to mean the million+ people starving in gaza tonight. "hamas" also stands for, of course, the democratically elected leaders of the palestinian people!!! won the election, they did. something's being spread in the middle east, but it sure ain't democracy.

""The Israeli decision is a death penalty," Radi said. "Our reserve of fuel is almost zero and maybe it will run out by the end of today," he said adding two health centres had already been forced to suspend treatment during power cuts."

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